About TraitSet®

TraitSet® was founded in 2001 with a vision to assist hiring managers to be more productive with their time and to help them properly identify the BEST candidates to interview and hire. TraitSet® helps hiring managers with an efficient, fully integrated process that starts with an online application. Beginning with the application, information is entered only once but populates many online forms including background checks, I-9, W-4, Policy Acknowledgements, Tax Credit Forms, Payroll, and Scheduling and Training.

TraitSet® has eliminated much of the paperwork for hiring managers making it easier to focus on other core duties and improving overall performance and profitability for the business.

Proven TraitSet® Benefits

Performance Validation Graph

Saves Manager’s Time

  • Reduces number of unwanted interviews
  • Automates OnBoarding Program, Scheduling and Training processes

Reduces Turnover

  • Employees with the right behaviors stay longer and are unlikely to be fired

Improves Manager’s Interviewing Technique

  • Provides Behavioral and Situational Interview questions

Better Hiring Selection

  • Avoids certain people who would have been mistakenly hired before using TraitSet®

Competitive Advantage

  • Hiring the right people the first time gives the organization a competitive edge
  • Allows below average candidates to be hired by your competition

Reduce Paperwork

  • TraitSet® Hire-Schedule-Train is online and is paperless

Reduce Theft

  • Integrity is being honest by avoiding lying and theft

Valid and Reliable

  • Benchmarked for validity and reliability for diverse hiring groups, including age, race, and gender

Easy to Use

  • Information is entered only ONCE and is then used to populate other documents as needed
  • Candidates find the fill in the dot matrix comfortable and familiar
  • Managers like receiving instant results – no waiting

Management Tool

  • Knowing a new hire’s traits enables managers to better coach and give direction
  • TraitSet® Schedule makes scheduling easy
  • TraitSet® Train enables online training and testing throughout the careers of hourly and manager level employees

Work Ethic Logo

Commitment to improving Work Ethic in our Customer’s Hiring Pool

Work ethic is a trainable set of values and behaviors that when aligned drives sustained performance. The Center for Work Ethic Development is the nation’s only institution focusing on work ethic to drive organizational profit and individual success. TraitSet® now partners with The Center for Work Ethic Development to provide an exclusive service to our customers and candidates. Every applicant is offered training to promote the improvement of individual work ethic. This is a free program to TraitSet® Customers and is offered free of charge to every candidate whether they are hired or not.

The Center for Work Ethic Development has redefined work ethic in the market place and workforce.

It means not only working harder, but working with purpose.”

After each candidate completes his/her online application and TraitSet® assessment he/she is presented with a brief thank you message that allows them to opt-in for Work Ethic training.