TraitSet® is a cloud based workforce management system that helps Gordon customers Recruit Employees, Identify the Best Candidates, Create a Paperless Employee file, Establish an Online Training Program and Facilitate Electronic Scheduling. TraitSet® REDUCES EMPLOYEE TURNOVER BY 50%

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TraitSet® Marketing Resource

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Enter TraitSet® Leads at: – www.traitset.com (click on GFS logo)

…one place to enter prospective lead to assure follow up
• ROI Case Studies
…2 Gordon Customers savings with TraitSet
…Sprecher’s Pubs (WI), TJ Chumps (OH)
• Explainer Videos…The business value of TraitSet

…Directly links to Customers (www.traitsetservices.com/video-links/)

• Email Template…quickly introduce your customers to the value of TraitSet
• Who to Contact in your area with any questions?
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David Anstett, Vice President TraitSet® dave@hrgems.com 248-470-9100