TraitSet® OnBoard Delivers Immediate Success

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Hello All, We did our first TraitSet® OnBoard today. I was very pleased with the result. I sent the OnBoard e-mail out last night. This was received by the applicant.

I had the new hire come in and go through the process on our computer so I could time and trouble shoot the process and also to give him the handbook. From start to submit for the new hire . . . 7 1/2 minutes!

After he submitted his paperwork we got the e-mail that it was complete. It took me 5 1/2 minutes to go through the manager review. All that was left was to go over house rules, tour, and watch videos. All together it will take longer to watch the videos than to go through the entire online paperwork process!

– Rob Ewing, General Manager, Buffalo Wild Wings, Avon,IN 46123

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“My people are excited about the results: time savings, better candidates to interview, and less time wasted with non-qualified candidates.”

– Arthur Lee, Managing Member, Lee Wesley Restaurants, LLC Burger King

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“In mid February we had about 100 applicants who were each asked to go through the TraitSet® assessment. Based on the scores each candidate received, we made a determination to go on with another interview … 25 people.”

– Bill Kassab, Owner Operator Coffee Beanery/Cinnabon

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“We have ridiculously reduced our turnover rate in our five stores by using a program called TraitSet® … to determine if they have above-average work ethic/integrity, customer service and/or leadership/management aptitude. It is inexpensive and really works well.”

– Jim Bitzonis, Esq. President Four M Capital, LLC Buffalo Wild Wings

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“TraitSet® has been an asset to our interviewing process over the past year, we’re using this tool … to help in the process of building a strong, guest focused team. I would most definitely recommend TraitSet®”

– April Cobb, General Manager, Big Apple Bagel

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“I don’t consider myself a strong interviewer. I thought it would be better to get it right the first time rather than go back and have to re-hire people.”

“It was simple from the beginning; you don’t have to be very computer savvy to use it. The results were pretty black and white and easy to interpret.”

– Bill Kassab, Owner Operator Coffee Beanery/Cinnabon

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“I purchased TraitSet® because I feel prescreening is a very valuable tool in hiring the right employees.”

– Gustayo Sanchez-Ports Beef O Brady’s Vero Beach , FL

“We use it as a guideline to ask questions in the personal interviews, if somebody scored low in one subject, we might delve into that a little more in the personal interview.”

– Nancy Bennett, Beef O Brady’s director of new partner training and human resources

“I was particularly impressed by the features found within the Interactive Report Tracker, such as:
• The ability to set applicant benchmarks.
• Ease of questionnaire delivery via e-mail.
• The ability to narrow candidate population field by position, status and grid classification.
• The ability to track the status of each candidate throughout recruiting/hiring process.”

– Nelson Tirado Beef O Brady’s Winter Springs , FL

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” TraitSet® has proven to be a valuable tool for Coral Hospitality in helping us interview and hire the best employees. We first used TraitSet(tm) to staff our new Vero Beach Hotel & Club upon its reopening in January 2007. In 13 hours we had over 275 applicants for 50 positions. With the applications to give us work history and the TraitSet(tm) report to give us behaviors we were able to reduce the number of hours spent interviewing and ultimately hire the best of the pool. Additionally we now receive frequent comments about how friendly and service-oriented the staff is.”

– Linda Mitchell Coral Hospitality V.P. of Human Resources & Training

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“TraitSet® is a great programmatic tool for helping control variable costs for any organization…not to mention the increase in product quality and customer service.”

– Bonnie J. Knutson, PhD, Professor The School of Hospitality Business, Broad College of Business, Michigan State University